Build Rome in a day.

Why would you need the entire supermarket when all you need is a bunch of apples? Your business is unique, there’s no reason why the application that drives your business shouldn’t be. Off-the-shelf applications come pre-fabricated with capabilities that may either fall short of your business’ needs or feature unnecessary bloat. Or heaven forbid, both! Then there is the added risk of ‘version-lock’ if you add customizations on-premise. In effect, you may have to customize business processes to suit the application and not the other way around.

The present cloud and mobile apps era necessitates a fresh look at the way we design software. We are passionate about designing apps that are simple and easy to use. That’s why we deliver high-quality applications which are robust, scalable, reliable and secure, while at the same time, are easy to deploy and maintain. Whether you’re seeking to streamline internal business processes, increase brand equity, acquire new customers or create new revenue streams, trust our experience to deliver results.

Our secret sauce - we keep it elegant


We build to scale

We design and develop apps ground-up for the cloud, not just cloud deployment-ready, integrating core components like agile, version control, security and CI / CD.


We get it right

We start by understanding your business and the problem you are trying to solve with technology. This helps us define the workings of your ERP with your business in mind.


We manage it best

With dedicated support, upgrade automation and constant monitoring, we ensure there’s no day when your consumers find your application on the wrong side.


We migrate with care

We understand your business’s dependency on existing and legacy systems. That’s why we help migrate your application to the cloud with ease, while enabling faster adoption.

Stack it up!

Building a custom ERP is no mean task. We work on leading technology stacks like LAMP and MEAN to deliver a scalable and easy to use platform. We also deploy custom stacks depending on the module and project requirements.

Tech it Out!

We ensure the team is always ready to address a technology challenge your application might throw. That’s why we are well-prepared with our notes on Python, PHP, Advanced JS, HTML5, SQL, MySQL or any technology you haven’t yet heard of.