We believe in what we do.

We enjoy every moment of it. From helping businesses see the silver lining in the cloud to building applications that impact bottom lines, we have fun with every line of code we write.

We are a team of over 75 information architects, code wizards, test gophers and passionate sports enthusiasts, working with clients who love to work with us. We take immense pride in turning up everyday to work with the newest technology out there - from advanced java scripts to streaming real time data with stacks like ELK.

We believe in sustaining a work culture that is transparent, truthful and fun. And that’s why we are able to deliver on our promise of good code that works for your business.

Why us?

There are many reasons why you should go with us. Here are the top three that our clients swear by:



With NGP Websmart, you get the flexibility of working with a team that works as your extended IT function. We work around your requirements to create flexible models for your solution so what you get is simply peace of mind.



We work with the best talent in the industry who take complete ownership of every little challenge. Be it ideating for a solution or working with a new technology, our team of engineers do not rest till it’s done well.


Open Source

We believe in the power of open source to create elegant solutions. This not just keeps us ahead in our game, but also considerably reduces your technology overheads. Let’s just say, it makes for a mutually beneficial approach.